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Established: October 2023


  • Active Development: :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Active Staff: :man_construction_worker:
  • Community Driven: :handshake:
  • Controller Friendly: :video_game:
  • Endless Content: :star2:
  • Whitelisted: :lock: (with a rolling whitelist system that allows non-whitelisted players to join the server within certain times every day)
  • Realistic RP: :money_with_wings: (Realistic Damages, Economy, Handling)


  • Fully Detailed and Enhanced EMS and Police Systems: :oncoming_police_car:
  • Fully Interactive and Network-Based Criminal System: :briefcase:
  • Various Activities and Jobs: :necktie:
  • Own Businesses and Gangs: :moneybag:
  • Enhanced Vehicle Tuning System: :checkered_flag: (where you can completely change your vehicle to drive how you want it)


  • Content Creator Growth Program: :video_camera:
  • Developer Training and Assistance Positions: :computer:
  • Staff and Moderation Positions: :shield:
  • Media Marketing Positions: :movie_camera:
  • Vehicle Modeling and Handling Positions: :toolbox:

Thereโ€™s a lot to offer here, so what are you waiting for? Join us now!

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  • Fix Sit anywhere feature. look at ledges, chairs, couches, etc, and use the command /sit to sit on something!

  • Fix Paintball Issues and Uniform are better now

  • Fix Housing Default Storages some may need to call a realtor for your free storages to be placed

  • Fix Restaurants not being able to access their stash

  • Fix for police dispatch alerts on car robberies and shootings mainly have been fixed

  • Fix Mechanics extra parts not able to be repaired or installed

  • Fix Elevators Creator Script to allow elevators to work now when set up.


  • Updated Stunt script backend changes for later update from our partners Yashi Stunt Sandbox

  • Updated Holster Script to acknowledge holsters for quicker draws

  • Updated some more item images

  • Updated job uniforms and Prison Uniforms


  • You will now be able to pick up glasses and hats if they get knocked off you or you can knock someoneโ€™s glasses off and take them!

  • With enough stamina, you will be able to do parkour over ledges and larger objects

  • New EMS Revive Animations

  • New Custom Food Truck Business look out on socials for their opening date

  • Hideout System purchases hideouts to store your stolen vehicles! or store your most precious vehicles.

  • Enter any car door by just third eyeing it to enter that specific seat!

Bump looking for new players and groups to help get us going!