[Realese] [Paid] [Standalone] Boost's Alias command. Tag your friends with a custom text!

Hey, today I’am releasing my long worked on project. It’s a alias command for fivem.
You can set alias to be displayed on top of your friends. Easy to configure and its standalone!

  • Tag your friends with a custom text on top of them.
  • All of the alias are saved in database and are loaded when player joins.

Config = {}
Config.Debug = true
Config.Distance = 3.0
Config.Locale = 'en'

Config.Translation = {
    ['lt'] = {
        ['player_AlreadySet'] = 'Jau esi šitam žaidėjui priskyres varda',
        ['player_SetAlias'] = 'Sėkmingai uždėjote žaidėjui varda ',
        ['player_DoesntExist'] = 'Žaidėjas neegzistuoja',
        ['player_AliasRemoved'] = 'Žaidėjui nuimtas vardas',
        ['command_alias'] = 'alias',
        ['command_removealias'] = 'removealias'
    ['en'] = {
        ['player_AlreadySet'] = 'Alias already set to player',
        ['player_SetAlias'] = 'Succesfully set alias ',
        ['player_DoesntExist'] = 'Player doesnt exist',
        ['player_AliasRemoved'] = 'Alias was removed',
        ['command_alias'] = 'alias',
        ['command_removealias'] = 'removealias'

function SendNotification(type, text)
    local _text = ''
    if type == 'error' then
        _text = '~r~' .. text
    elseif type == 'success' then
        _text = '~g~' .. text
    DrawNotification(0, 1)

  • 1.0 Initial release
  • 1.1 Price was cut to 12.10 with taxes

The script is not obfuscated or ip locked

Should I make a light version of this script for free ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Cool idea, maybe a little bit expensive, i think dont need a free version but just decrease the price (A little bit?) ( This is just my idea :slight_smile: ) Anyway i like it very much, how much MS will take this resource?

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Really nice idea, seems like a really easy system to use and integrate. The price is a little bit too expensive…

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I cut the price to 12.10 euros. Yea I too thought that the price was going to be a bit much :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback. Also for the light version of this script I would remove the saving feature.

0.05ms with names, 0.01ms without names

It’s ok like this, i buy it now, great job thank you! Crypted or Obfuscated?

No its not encrypted sorry for my mistake

and what if a player wears a mask does it still recognize its alias as normally you wouldnt really recognize a person if they wear a mask speaking RP wise

I’m pretty sure this resource isn’t meant to be used for RP or at least non serious RP servers. Is really easy to add the tag for police players and recognize them without their uniform

Also server side? If not i will buy for sure. I understand that is better crypt a resource because thers a lot of people that resell it, but i really dont like it because in my server i got a lot of problems with other resources

Its not encrypted tos doesn’t allow it

Probably will add this feature maybe later down the road. This script is not intended to use in heavy roleplay servers, because I want to keep it standalone

I would buy if when I add the person as an ally, friendly fire is not allowed That would change things a lot more

Good idea will add this

This is dope

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Did you manage to do that update? to disable friendly fire

Working on it still. It’s tooking longer because i’am adding an ui too :slight_smile:

Update spoiler
Design is not final !