Re-release of Skinchanger with 600+ peds

I noticed that this version of “Skinchanger” with 600 peds, creates a lot of ms ingame, because after I have played 5 minutes on my server, the script is up to 0.55 ms, and after 10 minutes it is around 1.55 ms

I hope it can be fixed so it is about 0.02 ms or something there.
Have a good day!

Why ??

How do I solve the excessive consumption of the resource when changing clothes?

so this just replaces skinchanger gottcha

Hi [OutSkilledYa_Gaming,

Good job there!

I’ve a question before test it. Are we able to add peds inside?

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how can I add addon peds?

i think you have to add them to the config.lua inside the skinchanger resource. Before that in your cfg make sure you’ve streamed the custom ped you want to use :smiley: it’s probably obvious but just in case

it doesn’t work for me