[Re-Design] ESX Menu Pack

Hello. Today I bring you a Re-Design to the average ESX’s menus. While there may be people who don’t like it, I think those could share their designs instead of complain. I hope you guys enjoy it.



The ESX-Org for the actual script as this was just a Re-Design

Links to ESX-ORG

Desktop 2021.01.31 -


Good job!

Great to see some more of the redesigns :slight_smile:

doesnt work for me,
for example if i open id menu with F5 , i cannot choose anything,

Same for me, cant go back.

No errors in console, only show that on F8

I have not had any errors in my server and my friends server. So I’m not sure what it could be. It works with ESX 1.2

Should be fixed now

It should be fixed now. It had an error with the fxmanifest which is weird.

Hello, awesome plugin but mine is in really low resolution, how do i fix?

I don’t understand what you mean. Quality? Do you have a different resolution? It’s small?