RDR2 Blips and Hashes

I whipped something together for people who like blips. It may already be somewhere but I couldn’t find it so I made it. I just made a list of all the blips in Red Dead Redemption 2 with there Hashes as Decimals. Feel free to use it. Enjoy.

I recommend using this script to put them in your server.

(I plan to make a script with all the base blips soon.)

Nice job!

@Cloudy Good job can you help me make an active blip for trains on redm?

Sure, here is something I put together quickly.

    while (true) do
        local train = -- Add Train Entity
        local blip = BlipAddForCoord(4044460928, GetEntityCoords(train))
        SetBlipNameFromPlayerString(blip, "Train") -- Name of the Blip
        SetBlipScale(blip, 0.2) -- Scale of the Blip
        blip = RemoveBlip()

I haven’t scripted for RedM a lot this may be wrong I am going off of my FiveM knowledge but with RedM Natives.

Actually getting the train entity is hard can you help finding that too?
thankyou in advance

Where can I find other blips? For example: sprite = -1289383059

my perfectionism applauds to you :clap:
here more blip hashes