RDO Works for Redm?

I just wanna ask something, is RDO on Epic Games is works for play Redm? If yes, i wanna buy it.

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No, and it likely never will be possible. You need the full version.


why… bet ya’ll never tried

Bet you don’t know what it even takes to do such, how it works and what goes on behind the scenes. Who says it wasn’t even tried? It took 2 years to even crack Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you love the game, just buy it. It’s not much and the singleplayer campaign is worth it.


never knew 60 bucks could just be thrown at you to buy a game

on a side note you’re just a moderator what do they do search for bugs probably so don’t come assuming stuff like that

Standard edition is 39.99$ on Social Club and 10$ less using sites like Kinguin or G2A

i can almost confirm that RDO works with redm i had a friend test it and he was able to see the server list idk if he got past that but i sent him i sent him the post that @NotBanjo did on Redm issue with install stuck on checking update.rpf so im not 100% sure ill ask him when i can

thats what im stuck on

So… does anyone know if it works?

As @d0p3t stated, RedM does not support RDO and likely it will never be possible.