Rcon help please

hi how can I get rcon to work

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RCON client: Releases · icedream/icecon · GitHub

Download “icecon_windows_amd64.exe” for 64 bit computers or “icecon_windows_i386.exe” for 32 bit.

You will then see this screen:

Press connect and enter your server IP and port (Default is 30120)
And your RCON password that is set in the citmp-server.yml

Hit “Ok” and type “status” (without ")

If it tells you the players that are connected to your server you have set it up correctly. If not feel free to PM me on here!

how can I kick someone from the sever

Use “clientkick [Player ID]” you can get the players ID from the “status” command its the number on the left.
eg: clientkick 4

kick not working

clientkick [10]
Error in resource ■■■■■■■: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
Unknown command: clientkick

Sorry I didn’t explain that very well. Remove the [] so it should just be.
clientkick 10

still not working to kick someone

Did the status command work?

you got teamviewer so you can help

I’m currently not home and you shouldn’t be so open to allow people to remote access your computer.
Just check a few things.
Check that the IP and Password are correct
Type status into the console and it should print a list of players on the server the players ID is printed on the left
Then type clientkick 10 into the console 10 should be the ID of the player you want to kick

should I take out blacklist ip

I don’t know what you are referring to. But it shouldn’t be effecting the clientkick command. The error is most likely due to the RCON client not correctly connected to the server

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Then that should have worked. That is the correct command.

Will this work with fxservers?

It does work, yeahh.

Make sure in the connect tab on the top of icecon, that the server IP and port are correct as well as the RCON set password (can be checked and altered in server.cfg). You need to have the port in aswell.

Does this work with es_admin2?

RCON is unrelated to es_admin. By the way, this topic is very old, you can ask for support in the es_admin topic if you have questions regarding es_admin.