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Our Story

We created Raven’s Rest to create a server with a safe environment for all kinds of quality roleplay. Additionally, we have been looking for a server to call home for just over a year however we have been unable to find a server with a good mix of moderation and quality roleplay, so we decided to create our own community! Finally, we strive to create a realistic environment while allowing everyone to express themselves freely and be able to have fun in a quality roleplay environment with quality moderation to keep everyone safe.


We have quality features for all types of roleplay, we have a realistically balanced economy and controller support, and we have scripts in place for all civilians, law, and criminals as detailed below.

We at Raven’s Rest believe civilians are a very core of a quality roleplay experience and have scripts to allow people to run any business, such as general stores and gunsmiths. Continuing we have full gun customization, ranch owning and home ownership. In addition, we have an in-depth horse training script which includes catching wild horses, breaking in horses and full customization.

For the lawmen of Raven’s Rest we achieve a realistic experience by having an in-depth law system and jail script, it allows for prisoners to be imprisoned within town jails and allows for jailbreaks. Also, other scripts allow you to have personal law storage in every town for weapons, evidence etc.

As a criminal here in Raven’s Rest there are a host of scripts to allow you to live out your wild west dreams. You are able to rob anything you come across whether that be a store, bank or otherwise. Both Guarma and Mexico are blacklisted for lawmen to enter, but not bounty hunters and the Pinkertons. Finally, there will be an underground economy in place, allowing criminals to run underground shops instead of the more risky robbing.

This is all backed by an excellent moderation team hand-picked by the owners to help create a flawless quality roleplay experience.

Come see for yourself - join our Discord to start your quality roleplay journey!