Rappel From Helicopter

Hello Guys,
I have a problem with my helicopters. When I try to rappel from a helicopter (I have a ressource that spawns the helicopter, warp me into the last seats where I can rapple, and spawn a npc in the driver seat. Then there come the ropes and when they reach the ground my character just jumps out of the helicopter. I don`t know why and how to fix, but may you will do :slight_smile:

let isActive = false;
let pilot;
let aircraft;

setInterval(() => {
  if(IsControlJustReleased(0, 51)) {
    setTimeout(() => {
      if(!isActive) {
        aircraft = CreateVehicle("maverick", GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId())[0], GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId())[1], GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId())[2] + 15, 0.0, true, false)
        pilot = CreatePedInsideVehicle(aircraft, 1, GetHashKey("s_m_y_pilot_01"), -1, true, false)
        TaskWarpPedIntoVehicle(PlayerPedId(), aircraft, 1);
        FreezeEntityPosition(aircraft, true)
        setTimeout(() => {
          TaskRappelFromHeli(PlayerPedId(), true)
        }, 5000)
        isActive = true
        isActive = false
        TaskWarpPedIntoVehicle(PlayerPedId(), aircraft, -1)
        FreezeEntityPosition(aircraft, false)
    }, 250)
}, 3)

Thanks for every help !