Rappel buildings script

So i’ve been looking for a script that would allow me to rappel the sides of buildings, so lets say i am on top of a skyscraper, i type /rappel in chat, and my character will drop a rope down, and will climb down the building using the rope, just like the GTA V mission (Three’s Company) except not make it a helicopter, instead just making the rope start attached to the side of a building, if i would know how to code, i would attempt to make it myself, but the thing is, i dont. So im calling the script/mod developers for FiveM and begging them to atleast try!


Did you Ever Find this?

Rappel Mod - GTA5-Mods.com

@LTU_Nojus @AceAdler

Were you looking for this?

I just made some research, going to make script with it.

cfx-endless-rappel :innocent: :hugs:


Hey do you got the script ?