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Here at Rapid Response Role Play We want to provide the most immersive and professional role play experience available. The staff at RRRP focus on original, creative, and diverse scenarios in order to provide high quality and unique experiences for all of our members. Our members are encouraged to engage in a style of role play that suits them best, whether it is long-term character development creating immense back stories and developing relationships with other characters, strictly scene-based, and everything in-between. Here at Rapid Response, we strive to treat every member with dignity & respect both in-game and in real life.

  • Custom Emergency Vehicle’s
  • Custom Ymap’s
  • 60+ Civilian Vehicle’s
  • Fully Operational Cad/MDT
  • New Weapon’s
  • Realistic Radio Station’s
  • New Map with Postal
  • Voice Chat / Radio Script
  • Realistic Ped / Vehicle Damage Script
  • Shot Spotter
  • ALPR
  • FivePD

Link To Rules : Rules For Rapid Response Role Play - Google Docs


Come on down and join us brand new leadership for the departments State police, Sheriff, Dispatch

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