Random heap corruption (regression?) on servers

So, After 5d of testing and after almost 6 months of constant crashes all day long.
I think we can say we have a victory.
D-bubble - your 6318 fixed our crash problems. We have no issues at all at this build. 0 Crashes.
I want to thank you from a bottom of my heart and i want to apologize for my not so nice message on older thread. I hope you are not mad at me im very sorry.

Also i want to thank mr Tabbara :slight_smile: Your constant help, fast responsing and yourwillingness are out of this world. Thank you for all of what you did for this very hard to resolve problem.

I hope this is the end of the story for this crashes but it looks like it is :blush:


No cashes so far with 6318. It looks like you fixed it. Fianally :slight_smile:

Finally, I also don’t crash anymore with artifact 6318, thanks