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Ranch Roleplay is a completely custom roleplay server. It has been built from the ground up by experienced developers. Our staff has a history of roleplay from various games, such as sa-mp. We strive to bring a serious server where you can play the role of anyone during the years of the gunslingers and ranchers. We are currently testing and further developing the server, so please join the Discord and join in the feature discussions and help mold the server to be the best it can be. .We really listen to feedback and this is the best time to give input. The server will be public once released but we may consider turning into a whitelist in the future.


  • Dynamic item framework, all items have “attributes” which save alongside the item, allowing us to store stats, name, description, icon overrides on instantiated items.
  • Property system allowing you to own a humble abode.
  • Business system with several business types, giving unique access to certain mechanics.
  • Cooking system with cooking pots to make custom stews. Add different meats to create your own recipe.
  • Tonic system and gathering, gather herbs and craft custom tonics and potions.
  • Gold panning
  • Graverobbing
  • Mining
  • Hunting



Can’t wait. We’re super excited to get this ball rolling! Connect up at Ranch Roleplay and https://ranchroleplay.com.

We post daily updates on the Discord!

Last night we had our first community meeting. It was a great discussion between our Discord members where we talked about how our community will be built, some great features, and future concepts. You can view a raw and unedited copy over on YouTube!

Come over and join the hype on our Discord!

We’re slowly working our way up to our anticipated beta release in early September. Here’s a great feature documentation video we made to express what’s here and what’s expected to come soon.

We’ve had another fantastic community meeting where we go over some of our unique concepts for community management, showcasing some features, and a nice Question and Answer. If you’re interested, head over to Ranch Roleplay. Without further adieu, check out the latest community meeting on YouTube!

We’ve released our new Beta Launch Date video. Check it out, we’re opening very soon!

We are now live! Connect to us via play.ranchroleplay.com! Make sure you have an account registered on the website beforehand or join our Discord for more information!


We’ve just released our Processing System.

A totally dynamic framework for input → process → output. No more are NPC’s used to craft items, you will have to actually contribute to the ecosystem and go through each step in the process to get your final product. For example, Rum - you need to gather the sugar, sugarcane, water, yeast before it turns into a mash, you can then cook the mash and dissolve the molasses to make a liquid able to be distilled. Distill, age and then bottle the rum before adding it to the economy and selling to other players. Be careful though, you need to defend your process! Everyone can access the station and steal your goods if you’re not paying attention.

Have a sneak-peak that we released a few days ago here: Heaaave Hoooo - Ranch Roleplay - Processing

The system has now been implemented and allows us developers to easily add new processing stages and steps to enhance everyones roleplay!

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Brilliant server, really enjoyed my bit of time there so far, great framework as well!



Nice new update in terms of our infrastructure stability which has resulted in a population increase to 190! We’re having a community meeting tomorrow, so feel free to come along @ discord.gg/ranch

Server Review

Ranch Roleplay has a wonderful community however it has a terrible Staff Team, they ban individuals without evidence and the Management Team allows it. It’s my belief just like many others that the Administration Team is going to be the downfall of such a phenomenal server.

Corruption with Lawmen, Marshals, DOJ is awful at this current moment. LFM Team isn’t doing anything to address this, many others and I don’t feel as if the Corruption Tier System is working but nobody is listening…

To maintain our high standards of roleplay, new players must now apply to become allowlisted. The process is easy to understand and does not require an interview, applications are usually reviewed within an hour.

You can apply at https://ranchroleplay.com/apply


This is true i am a witness and they are still going

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this! Since the end of 2022 we’ve made so many leaps and strides for roleplay. We’ll get the main thread updated but here’s a few videos on what we’ve done this year:

Feel free to join our Discord @ discord.gg/ranch for more info on how to join and be part of this wonderful community!