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Howdy cowpokes! Ever wanted a more colorful adventure? Looking to see a new point of view through the lens of acceptance? An alternative 1901, if you will? Rainbow Railroad RP is boarding right now and you just gotta grab your ticket!

We take pride in being the only 18+, openly LGBTQIA+ safe space on RedM with a full team of folk that represent the amazing alphabet crew and allies, too! That includes the artistry of full fledged drag queens! Yes, we are that fabulous, honey! :nail_care:

Custom scripts give you endless adventures alongside citizens that are always willing to help. We’re all about lending a helpful, well-manicured hand! Don’t worry, we got plenty of opportunities to make that money. Trapping, deliveries, hunting, and more!

Behind the scenes, we are werking hard to ensure that your experience is one to write home about, and the events and scripts are catered to the community (that’s you!).

The possibilities are endless, even a life of an outlaw, but the path is your decision! Our professions are top notch, with business owners who are people first – making sure their employees feel at home. You always got the best boss no matter where your boots settle here!

So why not saddle up for Rainbow County? We’d be happy to have ya! Just visit RainbowRailroadRP.com for all the information!

Website: RainbowRailroadRP.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CRJnJEgRWU
Quick, easy character application: https://forms.gle/jKY59J3hn1Cu8Fey6


Popping in to say that the newly custom built Naturalist/ Healer role and the quest accompanying it looks AWESOME. RPing on this server continues to impress with the way admin and players get to bounce ideas off one another and continue to evolve. If you’re thinking about joining- it’s worth it. Jump in!


Embark on a journey with Rainbow Railroads RP, where dreams transform. :rainbow_flag:

A perfect office for Iris Divine Publications and The Iris Divine Herald. Memory by Luna Chandni

In the Homelands, the power to turn dreams into reality is at your fingertips. :writing_hand:

As she sits upon her trusted mustang, overlooking that little town of Valentine, her Daddy’s voice rings clear in the back of her mind ‘I knew you couldn’t stay away, my little outlaw’ as a smirk creeps on her lips. Her hair down for the first time since she entered the county, “No, I certainly could not.” Her eyes shimmer a faint purple. Memory by Sadie Hardy

Sometimes, our dreams become entangled with the echoes of our past, inevitably catching up to us. :gun:

A soirée to remember. Memory by Minnie "Mama* Butz

Don’t allow past or future dreams to hinder your enjoyment of the present moment. :dancer:

A tarot reading. Memory by Jean Claude.

But if you find yourself truly stuck, consider consulting our resident tarot experts to unravel the threads of your destiny. :crystal_ball:

Watchful eyes always follow. Memory by Solana Saule.

:new: Now featuring a custom healer script. :new:

Destiny unfailingly paves its own path, and your journey awaits just around the corner, whether you actively choose it or not. :wolf:

Hop on board Rainbow Railroad RP today and lay the tracks for your own journey. :steam_locomotive: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag:

Website: RainbowRailroadRP.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CRJnJEgRWU
Quick, easy character application: [https://forms.gle/jKY59J3hn1Cu8Fey6 ]


All aboard the Rainbow Railroad Roleplay Wrapped 1901! :steam_locomotive::sparkles:
Memory by Ophelia Martinez.

Characters Created: 194 :dancing_women:
Memory by Mama “Minnie” Butz.

Horses Bought/Registered: 404 :racehorse:
Memory by Blaze Winchester

Weapons Bought/Crafted: 1,427 :gun:
Memory by Angus McTavish

Telegrams Sent: 677 :email:
Memory by Johanna Scholl

Storage Interactions: 5,932 :package:
Memory by Johanna Scholl

Items Bought/Crafted/Traded: 70,965 :mechanic:
Memory by David Gomes

Outfits Made: 910 :dress:
Memory by Florentine V.

*Deliveries: 1,842 :incoming_envelope:
Memory by Jean Claude

Trap Placements: 103 :mouse_trap:

Scenes Created: 986 :writing_hand:

Successful Illegal Drug Transactions: 81 :pill:

Successful Shop Robberies: 8 :supervillain:
Memory Johanna Scholl

Admin Tickets Processed: 210 :tickets:
Memory by Johanna Scholl

Lewks Served: Endless :dancer:
Memory by Johanna Scholl

Now featuring: Fishing! :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Memory by Ellie Jones

Memory by Alma Elmore

Grab your ticket and settle in for a ride that is as unique as every passenger that steps into Rainbow County. :tickets: :steam_locomotive: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag:

Take a chance! Hop on board today! :game_die:
Memory by Johanna Scholl

:steam_locomotive: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag:

Website: RainbowRailroadRP.com
Discord: Rainbow Railroad RP
Quick, easy character application: [https://forms.gle/jKY59J3hn1Cu8Fey6 ]

A vibrant and growing community. Full of good people to RP with. Welcoming and inclusive to all.



  • :star: Added clothing color customization.
  • :star: Added the lawyer profession.

  • :star: Completely replaced our Stables script with custom-written add-ons.
  • :star: Added a bordellos script written in-house.

  • :star: Added Guarma.
  • :star: Added an advanced lock-and-key system for housing with locksmith duties.

  • :star: Added 10 new pickable flowers.
  • :star: Added many new buildings and interiors.

  • :star: And many more!

RainbowRailroadRP is changing every day! Come check us out with our simple, short character application.

We are the only RedM server that is queer-owned and -operated with a majority-queer staff! :rainbow::blush:

Website: https://rainbowrailroadrp.com/

RainbowRailroadRP: Where you can be yourself – or someone else entirely.

(Screenshots by ZealousSpice, TotallyRin, SammyMilf, & WylieFox.)

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  • Blacksmiths can now craft hammers (a new melee weapon). :hammer:
  • Gunsmiths can now craft gun oil. :oil_drum:
  • Economy balance: Increased the cost of gun oil at the General Stores. :balance_scale:

  • Added an in-game community requested custom script to loot locals (just do not get caught by the law!). :rotating_light:

  • Regular community events and activities. :ticket:

  • Opportunities for player-led initiatives and projects. :ice_cream:

  • Integration of player suggestions and ideas into the server’s development.:thought_balloon:

  • Emphasis on fun and camp while maintaining RP standards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Unique roles and jobs tailored to player ideas and interests. :clap:

  • Support for various play styles from casual to very serious RP. :hugs:

  • Did we mention queer AF? :rainbow_flag:

See you around IC!

Memories by Ellie Jones, Dr. Ivy Starling, Sorrel Holiday, Dr. LeBlanc, Wolf, Mabel, Hunter, Dr. Scholl.

Website: RainbowRailroadRP.com
Discord: Rainbow Railroad RP
Instagram: Rainbow Railroad RP

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Join us for some upcoming events!

Friday, May 31st | 6 PM ET

A middle-aged woman in a worrisome amount of makeup attempts to glue a poster to the bulletin board in Valentine with honey. The honey sticks to her fingers, which she tries to lick off, only making the poster soggier.

Saturday, June 1st | 2 PM ET

A book launch to die for.

Sunday, June 9th | 3 PM ET

Chaos Cart Championship | BYOC | Grand Prize: $1,000 Horse

Participate in events or make your own. Join today!


Welcome our newest Interim Sheriff!

Citizens of The Homelands:
Officer Marguerite Dupont has been promoted to the position of Interim Sheriff.
Please congratulate Sheriff Dupont the next time you see her!
The Tess Cunningham Administration
The Homelands

Our next Sheriff election will occur in 44 days!

Become a LEO today! Perhaps you will be the next person that people call Sheriff.

Posters by Blaze Winchester and Minnie “Mama” Butz.

Website: RainbowRailroadRP.com :rainbow_flag:
Discord: Rainbow Railroad RP :heartpulse:
Instagram: Rainbow Railroad RP :nail_care:

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Happy Pride from Rainbow Railroad RP!

“The beauty of being queer is that you build your own family and create your own community.” - Alok Vaid-Menon

:heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: 🩷 🩵 :white_heart: :brown_heart: :black_heart:

Website: RainbowRailroadRP.com :rainbow_flag:

Discord: Rainbow Railroad RP :two_hearts:

Instagram: Rainbow Railroad RP:nail_care:


I’ve been playing on the server for several months and have felt very much at home. The sense of community is strong, and the people are fantastic!


Happy Pride!! Thank you for providing us with an amazing and loving community to celebrate with <3


Congratulations Margo on becoming sheriff!

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