[RageUI] Optimized elevator script (for Vespucci PD by default)

:wave: Welcome to my first release

Here is a simple resource i’ve made for an elevator within Vespucci PD.

You might not need it for this specific location, but the main purpose of this script was making a resmon-friendly elevator/teleporter.

Feel free to edit it so it can fit your needs.

:floppy_disk: You can find every informations you need to edit it in the github readme :

:movie_camera: Here is a quick demo :

Hope you’ll find something useful in here, and see you next time.


Nice release dude looking good!

Just wondering where did you get this interior from?

I’m also very curious where you got that interior from

Optimized? that shit took 0.5ms

Might not be allowed to say any information on this forum as it is paid content. That’s why I did not mention it on purpose.

0.2 ms inside MLO, 0.1ms outside. Watch demo video.

he’s referring to when you start using the resource, it jumps instantly to 0.5ms

It’s NativeUI/RageUI that gives the +0.50 so there gotta be some expected resource usage, when drawing the menu.

you have to buy that interior its like 200 dollars

200? More like 1.5K USD

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How will I add it to server.cfg? How will it works? Sorry it’s my first time.

whats the MLO for the map that this was used on? or is this base game

Hi, I would like, if it’s possible, that you send me the code of that script for that Vespcci PD map please, would you do me a big favor. Thank you!

it is for vespuccipd if you want to change it to something els just change it in te cl_teleport.lua

I want to use ur script for an MLO of a Friend of me @VerpiMoDz. Would you give us the permission to use your script and deliver it together with the map? We would like to create a resource that contains both, but two separate ones (yours as an adapted version) would also be fine. Ofcourse we would credit u and link ur script!
Thanks in advanced!

Hello -

I am using your script in two locations, by duplicating the script and renaming one to “airportteleport”
and then changing the coords for the elevator.

The function of the elector works great however…

I am now trying to have 2 separate header images (I have changed the .ytd on each to the image i want) but it only takes the first stz-elevator script. The script i duplicated and called “airportteleport” uses the “stz-elevator” header for some reason.

Anyway to know how to fix this? Would be cool to be able to duplicate the script and use different headers for each location.