RAGE_RepairShop [ESX]

This script is designed to be highly optimized, ensuring that it runs smoothly without any lag or issues. Players can drive their damaged vehicles to the repair shop, where they can pay to have them fixed. The cost of the repairs is based on the amount of damage to the vehicle, making it a fair and realistic system. The more damage the vehicle has, the more it will cost to repair it. This system encourages players to take care of their vehicles and avoid unnecessary damage. The script is easy to install and configure. Overall, the optimized repair shop script is an excellent addition to any FiveM server, providing a realistic and convenient way for players to repair and customize their vehicles.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Resmon Value 0.00ms
Lines (approximately) 300+
Requirements ESX Legacy
Support Yes


● | Damaged base pay system

● | 0.00 Resmon value in idle

● | Clean and Standard

● | Optimized Code


● | ESX (Highly suggest Legacy version)

● | OX Lib

● | AN Progress


Tebex $ 6.06



sounds cool any vids or more pics?

Video will release soon bro

Bro Video has been uploaded