Rage error 0x16634bf9:435

Hi, I´ve got since 1 week Rage error 0x16634bf9:435 when I tried to log into any RedM server.

I tried to uninstall the latest Windows11 update, uninstall Red Dead Red 2 and Redm and reinstalled it, Upload GC drivers, I´ve got steam and rockstar open when trying to log in, I changed the interface of REDM latest but nothing. This happen from one day to another without any modification. Anybody has something similar ?

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This is the end of the crash error report :

[ 89547] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ new address: lh.v10.network:38088 (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:26)
[ 89547] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 89609] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ Returning device Altavoces (Fifine K658 Microphone) for GUID {EB714E24-85DF-4B27-9D31-78D41E0F24DC}
[ 89688] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ DOKUSCORE: THIS ERROR CAN BE IGNORED
[ 89688] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ InvokeNative: execution failed: Error executing native 0xcb5d11f9508a928d at address RedM_b1436_GTAProcess.exe+ECFCDF.
[ 89688] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ ^1SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native cb5d11f9508a928d in script host failed: Error executing native 0xcb5d11f9508a928d at address RedM_b1436_GTAProcess.exe+ECFCDF.^7
[ 89688] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ ^3> Stamina^7 (^5@Redm-PluginBundle/[Core]/[RedEmRP]/[Client]/MaxCores.lua^7:22)
[ 89688] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ ^3> fn^7 (^5@Redm-PluginBundle/[Core]/[RedEmRP]/[Client]/MaxCores.lua^7:7)
[ 90281] [b1436_GTAProce] MainThrd/ Error: RAGE error: 0x16634BF9:928
[ 91578] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 93641] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 95672] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 97734] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 99781] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 101828] [b1436_GTAProce] CrBrowserMain/ connecting… (@■■■■■■■■■/NUI/SaltyWebSocket.html:29)
[ 103391] [b1436_DumpServ] 18548/ Process crash captured. Crash dialog content:
[ 103391] [b1436_DumpServ] 18548/ RAGE error: 0x16634BF9:928
[ 103391] [b1436_DumpServ] 18548/
[ 107406] [b1436_DumpServ] 18548/ Crash report service returned si-8ab9229712554375a9ee9ae83e066516

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