Races - VORP



With this script you will have a racing system, you will be able to establish jobs to access the racing menu, access with a command or items.

In the race creator, you can choose the name of the race, create and delete checkpoints, choose the range between objects and choose objects from checkpoints.

When starting a race through the menu, the player will be able to choose the entry rate and laps. Checkpoints and a blip will be created at the starting point of the race. Players will be able to register or unregister at any time, before the race starts, as will players who connect at this time.

When the race starts, a panel will appear where runners can see the name of the race, the current position, the number of checkpoints and the number of laps.

In the races it will be necessary to cross the checkpoints through the objects, when crossing a sound will be heard and explosions will be seen on the checkpoint objects.

Between the checkpoints a fire arrow will appear that will indicate the direction of the next checkpoint.

At the end of the race there will be a waiting time for the remaining runners to reach the finish line, and a percentage of what was collected from the registrations will be given to the first 3 winners.

You can configure:

  • The language (Spanish and English by default)
  • Webhook
  • All keys
  • Color of the blips and the gps of the race
  • Race management options (job list, command/items to open the menu, object list and checkpoint range list)
  • Smoke colors, start numbers and race stats
  • Alignment of race stats
  • Time to wait for the runners and finish the race.


Code is accessible No, only access to files to adapt the script to any framework
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1500
Requirements oxmysql, vorp_menu, vorp_core, vorp_inventory
Support Yes