Questions about Onesync and OneSync Infinity

1. Is OneSync Infinity mandatory?

  • First of all I was wondering if OneSync Infinity was mandatory from a certain number of players or if OneSync was sufficient.

2. What is the difference between OneSync Infinity and OneSync?

  • I was wondering what is the difference between OneSync Infinity and OneSync because I found some posts on this topic but there was very little information.

I can answer your second question. The difference i spotted is that the players are not loaded when you are not close to them. So you need to have your scripts prepared for that. When you get away from someone he will be unloaded.

OK thank you for your answer

You need to mention that this is a performance improvement and allows more players than with normal onesync

So if I want for example 1024 people at the same time on my server it is mandatory to use OneSync Infinity?

Above 128 players requires Infinity

Ok have a nice day