Questions about hosting a server and for developers!

So i want to start a server (even if it takes me 1-2 years or more to figure everything out). I am all in for learning how to do this.
first off im wondering what kind of hosting platform servers use? like nopixel, lucid city, eclpise and in general do people normally use Zap-hosting ?
ive tried looking online for how i would develope the server, like do i script and fix scripts to the server via zap-hosting torught TXadmin? or do i do it trough LUA on my computer and uppload it to my server online after?

im sorry if i sound like a complete newbie but i am haha… also for starting to develop a server do u guys have someplace i can go and find guides and stuff about how to? im all up for just trying without if thats whats needed… even tough i tought i saw some tutorials on it on this forum.

thank you for answers in advance! Have a lovely day

A lot of the major servers (like NoPixel) self-host. Meaning they will either Colo, or Rent Dedicated Servers (or VPS’s) from hosting providers (like OVH).

Zap is probably easier for beginners. They do a lot of the hard work for you, and basically, you just have a simple control panel to work with.

At your stage of the learning curve, I would suggest starting with a Zap gameserver. It’s cheap and they have you up and running in minutes. When you get to a stage where you need more than they can provide, you can at any time set up your hosting elsewhere and simply move your files over to the new location.

Thank you!

Thanks! Would u suggest a TXadmin server or a VPS windows?

a game server running txadmin is all you need at this point. When it comes time for your to choose a virtual machine running an OS, you may decide to host elsewhere as at that point, you can find some good deals out there among the increased options.

Thank you so much for the answers! Appriciate you, have a lovely day Sir/miss

As did schwim said, as a beginner use Zap-Hosting, in that part I will agree with him, but its not the cheapest option out there. I won’t recommend any gameservers since all of them are Polish or German. Anyway, use Zap-Hosting for your first month, learn some basic things and get VPS or a game-server from other provider. You should also seek out help from tutorials or any dev on FiveM out there :smile:

The only gameserver you’re allowed to use is Zap. CFX will blacklist your server IP when it’s found being hosted by another gameserver provider.

VPS / dedi servers are open to whoever you want, however and that was my point. You’ll have to start with Zap if you don’t want to deal with managing a machine. As soon as you’re ready to take that on, moving from Zap often makes sense as their VPS options aren’t very competitive cost-wise.

these gameservers are VPS but are automatically set up. In my opinion this rule is kinda useless today, I’m just saying what my Opinion is, but yeah, these are the rules.

Then you’re not renting a gameserver, you’re renting a VPS. There’s no need to confuse him.

Btw, should i have a ESX framework or a QBUS Framework? or is it personal prefrence :slight_smile:

Deciding between ESX or QBCore is totally a preference-based decision. Both are currently developed. ESX has been around a lot longer than QBCore but A lot of the older ESX addons were never updated so are not compatible with later ESX. I’d say that both have a similar number of currently developed quality addons.

Many servers, like the ones you mentioned, often use platforms such as Zap-hosting, but it’s essential to explore and find what works best for your project. When it comes to development, I found that experimenting with different methods, like scripting through TXadmin or working with LUA locally, helped me grasp the ins and outs of server management. Forums and online communities have been invaluable resources for me, offering guides and support as I navigated through the process. If you’re looking for even more flexibility, consider diving into dedicated server options—they can offer greater control over your server environment. Here you can find more info on

“The only gameserver you’re allowed to use is Zap.”

"VPS / dedi servers are open to whoever you want, however and that was my point. "

Can you please explain your distinction between the two?