[Question] Using NUI to mine crypto

Okay, I know what this looks like. No. This is not for malicious purposes or to get rich. I’m just tired of relying on imported cars, discord ranks, and meaningless patreon tiers to help keep my server running. Additionally I’ve been working on a RedM server which is going to be even harder to sustain. I genuinely feel this could be a viable alternative or something done in conjunction with current donation methods if it’s done right.

I would want to be completely transparent with this, let people know what was going on in the background, and even give them the ability to opt-out. Any player could now be supporting the server just by playing in it. Also, services like CoinIMP let you parameterize the CPU usage so in theory your users could select how much CPU they’d be willing to use.

My questions are:

  1. Is using NUI to mine crypto against TOS? (given i tell them they’re mining, they can opt-out, and I dont make a profit)
  2. Has anyone else experimented with this?

I’ve tried to do some testing locally, and from what I can tell it actually works for a few seconds and then my game crashes :joy:.

Do you feel like people are going to play in your server if you choose one of the least economically efficient way to mine cryptos WHILE making their FPS go down to “powerpoint presentation” levels?

Think again.

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What does economic efficiency have to do with this if I’m not the one doing the mining? Over time it adds up and some money is better than no money. Its literally free real estate.

I actually think they would play if it meant getting custom cars imported would be cheaper (or even purchasable in game) because you would have other revenue streams. Also if they really did have a toaster, they could lower the CPU usage or opt out.

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There’s only one proper blacklisted site, but it may provide some insight into your question of whether this sort of activity is allowed.


CPU mining crypto is extremely inefficient anyway. Players would spend more on the electricity to mine than you would actually make, which would likely be pennies per day of running. GTA already consumes most of the possible CPU cycles, so you’ll likely get almost nothing.

It’s not worth it.

I agree with you 100% it’s inefficient. If I payed for my players electricity bill I wouldn’t have made this post.

From my ~2min of NUI mining I got 0.0084 MINTME. That comes out to 6.0 MINTME per day. If you convert that to BTC, right now it comes out to 0.00000066 BTC per day. If you convert that to USD, right now it comes out to 0.006118 dollars per day or 0.6 cents per day for one player. Multiply that by 32 or even 64 and it starts to add up.

Now clearly there are many variables at play. How many players you have connected (obviously the server wont be full 24/7), what their CPU usage is at, the current market prices of these currencies, etc but I think it would be interesting to see what kind of returns you could get on a popular server throughout the course of a year.

I’m not asking if it’s worth it. I’m asking if it’s allowed and if anyone else has tried.

This seems like a pretty hard stance against something like what I’m trying to do. Thank you for sharing.