Question: Running two clients

Hey, can you in anyway run FiveM two times? :thinking:
I wanna do that to test Audio stuff, so i don’t have to get a friend to test with.
Thanks :smiley:

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I would like to know too.

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I already wanted to do this. Not having found any post on this subject the only solution that I found and that works is to install a virtual machine with software like Virtual Box or VMware personally I rather prefer VMware (this causes a consequent loss of fps). I hope my answer was clear since I don’t speak English.

Your answer was good and understandable :smiley:
But i saw on Nikez stream, that he runned two clients on one machine.

If you haven’t already, try asking him directly how he’s doing.

-cl2 argument on the second client or a Hyper-V VM with GPU passthrough.


Thanks it worked :smiley: