Question for devs of FiveReborn


First off I’d like to say congratz, the mod looks pretty damn good so far.

I’ve not tested it yet but I would like to ask some questions:

After installing the multifive mod (not reborn), a while ago about a day or two later; my email and steam account were magically broken into, they somehow got both passwords and I know that at the time of install I had logged into both of these; I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I was extremely concerned that Multifive had a keylogger in it or something. Also nice to mention that the IP of the person that logged into my steam / email was also Russian (As was the majority of multifive stuff as you already know).

I’d just like to ask that because you’ve chosen not to make the mod open-source, can you confirm that the only outbound traffic will be sent to the game servers / game related stuff and not to some hidden server?



All of the connections are made to our servers, eg our update servers. When you connect to a server you will be connecting to someone else and not us. Which is normal.

@kanersps Alright, thanks for the super quick reply.

I’m a little reluctant to install the mod simply because of my ‘luck’ with the previous one, it’s a shame because I really do have great expectations for it and would like to develop gamemodes for it…

I think I will probably end up getting it anyway.

Did you get your steam account back though, and this version is the real deal.

@Zer0w Yea, luckily it was a second account that I got because of an issue ages ago with purchasing, I managed to lock it down and reset everything with supports help.

It was added to some Russian card farm as a bot.