[Question] Can we use PHP on FiveM?

Hello guys,

I have a simple question, can we use PHP on FiveM ? I have this tablet ( In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support ) script on my server and i want to implement some php function for the LSPD by example.

Thanks for the answer.

Sort of.
You can setup a web server with PHP on it and then point your in-game CAD or whatever to open the webpage(s) that your web server hosts. But no, FiveM does not have PHP built in.

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Could use iframe.

I am trying this option @Scott_UK . I use WampServer, so i put my “website” on the “www” repertory in “wamp64”. My iframe look like <iframe src="http://localhost/mywebsite/"></iframe>

Your iframe looks fine. You can also save it as a HTML file and open it in your browser to preview what it will look like.

I am also pretty sure you need an SSL for iframes I may be mistaken though

ssl just stands for secure socket layer, iframe is html