Question about disabling Scripthook (server-side)

I have a server and scripthook is disabled. Does that mean it ONLY disables scripts, or everything the client has? Such as: I have my players download and install a custom handling that changes the handling for every car. Would disabling scripthook also disable the handling?

Thank you!

No, that would still apply, for now.


Thank you very much for the fast reply!

would reccomend converting them to addons so people dont have to install the handling.meta anymore

There is a way to make addons rather than replacements?

first use [How-To][Video] Addons how to and converting to an addon to make it a addon, then [How-To] Convert Vehicle Add-On to FiveReborn resource to make it work in fivem

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Thank you very much for the help. I will get on this.

Question: All of the metafiles I get, I put them just into the folder before the “stream” folder? Will the server send those files to the client and the client takes care of that?

Thank you!