[QUESTION] About adhesive and disabling it

I’ve looked on different posts about, how you can turn of FiveM’s internal anticheat, and i’ve found out that you simply have to disable svadhesive from the server and component.js.
And also delete it from the client.
But my main question is, if i still can get banned for using f.ex. Cheat Engine, while adhesive is disabled.
And would there still be any form of detection or anticheat, if adhesive is disabled?

As far as I am aware, once adhesive is disabled both client and serverside you should be fine, might want to wait for confirmation from a Cfx element though, especially when it’s about Cheat Engine.

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Yep, but i know that FiveM have logs, once a person is banned.
So if i still get banned even tho adhesive is turned off, they should still know that it wasn’t for doing harm. :smiley: