Question about a rule (death threats)

is a fivem server mandated to punish people for death threats/sucidial encouragement, is it strictly mandated by FiveM, because i’ve just been told a death threat and reported it to the server admins and they didnt give any form of punishment, help would be really appericated thanks.

If you feel your life is in danger, call the authorities, otherwise continue on with your day. Don’t expect an application developer to deal with the internet being too harsh for you.

no they didnt threaten me like that they simply said “go kill yourself” are fivem servers allowed to allow that?

Again, the developers of FiveM do not control in any way the discussion that occurs on the servers being run by 3rd parties. If you wish to pursue this, you would talk to the people running the server, not the people developing the FiveM application.

alr thanks, i have their just pricks and dont care about stuff like that.