QBCore VehicleTool

Are you tired of adding vehicles to the vehicle.lua? Well not anymore, this tool will do the hard work for you.
The vehicle.lua builder. No more adding vehicles one by one, this tool will do it all for you. You have your cars in different folders? Not a problem, just add the folder names to the config and watch the magic happen.

Done a complete rework on it, as from now on it can build the whole vehicle.lua except for shop(as its pretty hard to guess what shop you want it to be in)
It also now contains a extra function to check any vehicle inside your vehicle.lua to make sure they are all working inside the framework. So no more errors in you garage because you might have put the wrong name in the vehicle.lua


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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 125
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes