[QBCore] TR-Carwax


Carwax Script For QBCore

Youtube Video Preview


  • Configurable Prices / Grades
  • 100x Images
  • Easy to follow Readme
  • Creates a fun roleplay experience for ur server


  • QBCore


Tebex You decide what its worth.

Code is accessible Config Only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 320
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes
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does this just wash your car? or make it stay cleaner longer?!

The wax acts as a “Coat” which will keep the car shinier / cleaner longer.

Cool! +rap

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ESX Version?

Soon :slight_smile:

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hi iv taking the job part off this but its not letting players use this or work after saying false to needing a job to use it

Hey, can i decide in the config how long that the car stay clean after a carwax?

Yes. the config gives you the item to change the reward value for waxing the car and allows you to change how long the item will last for

You are more then welcome to DM me with the errors you are having and I will be happy to help you. :100: