[QBCore] Re enabling crosshair

I’d like to re enable the crosshair but unsure on how to do so. I’ve tried looking through files but haven’t found anything yet


I don’t use QBCore myself so I don’t exactly know how, but I think you could search it from the code by searching for HideHudComponentThisFrame(14)

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I have tried this when I was looking but there’s just so much to look through and I’m not sure exactly where the right place would be to look

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qb-smallresources/client/hudcomponents.lua/comment out HideHudComponentThisFrame(14)


Small tip for the future. Open the resources folder in Visual Studio Code, and from the left bar press the search icon. That way you can look for something specific from every resource you have.


Thank you! I actually hadn’t seen that folder

ty so much bro :heart:

when i find it how do i enable it/

Replace HideHudComponentThisFrame(14) with --HideHudComponentThisFrame(14)

You need the two lines in front of it to comment it out. Or if you’d like you can just remove it.


Thankyou! that worked

Worked! :heart:

why it not get red when i aim at player

ima dl this n try