[QBCore] [Paid] VAR Heist

VAR Heist

Video Preview: Showcase

Doesn’t need too much introduction, this is my first script and is QBCore compatible so here it is, a remake of the VAR Heist


Compatible with QBCore.
Easy Config.
Server synced, any of your friends can help you with the heist.
Uses FiveM Escrow system.

Requirements: QB-Target / PolyZone
Buy it here: Tebex Store


Where did you source the VAR hackgame script from?

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does it need a seperate mlo or is that already part of the game?

I believe your script is linked within the tebex store!

This uses the base IPL

Thank you for making it a dependency, and not baked in.


Its already part of the game mate, uses the base IPL.

whats resmon like for the script ?

0.1 When Using

i have a fixed version of that hack script on my github, uses same exports just works properly.

credits go to original author (i forgot who he was but its the persons in your video)

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How many zones do you have?
What happens when you go to the wrong panel?

What do you mean by zones?

Also if you go to the wrong panel, it will just display a message saying “This Panel Cannot Be Hacked”

You know that [qb-target]/config.lua is also locked ? How would we add things in qbtarget anything when its encrypted?

Also how can I change framework exports? I don’t use default exports. I still use events because security issue.

ill change that now

how many panels can be accessed? In the video it says b40 something… can I access any panel in the whole room or just some specific ones?

Fixed my repo to address “buggy” behavior. Thanks for the PR @Pholvn :smiley: .

Did you change it buddy?

sorry mate, yeah download the resource again from keymaster.