[QBCore] [FREE] Parking Meter

Parking Meter script for QBCore Framework.

Download: Github
Tebex: QB Parking Meter (FREE)


  • You can pay parking fee to parkingmeter with qb-target.
  • Police can check is parking fee paid or not.
  • You can configure cooldown for payment to expire in sv_parkingmeter.lua.


  • Drag & drop qb-parkingmeter folder into your resources folder.
  • Add start qb-parkingmeter into your server.cfg and restart server.


  • qb-core
  • qb-target

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Free releases must contain a direct download.


Got to use Github if its free man…

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Link fixed :slight_smile:

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this is awsome, if some one wants to convert to ESX That be amazing


Would be nice if it could send an email when you have paid for your parking ticket and when you have an expired parking ticket. Overall really nice script well done keep up the amazing work :).

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@SkellyKat_Gaming You can replace those notfications like this if you want to receive an email instead of a notification in sv_parkingmeter.lua:

    TriggerEvent('qb-phone:server:sendNewMailToOffline', Player.PlayerData.citizenid, {
		sender = "Parking Meter",
		subject = "Receipt",
		message = "You paid your parking fee. <br><br> Your parking payment will expire in "..cooldown.." minutes ",
		button = {
			enabled = false
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Perfect thank you I will implement that tomorrow.

+1 Would be very nice

Looks amazing man! I wish this was for ESX as well :frowning: . Good work though!

Does this work with QBus?

This is so good. Looking forward to see email implementation!!

what part do in need to place/replace this?

i tryed only this line:
TriggerClientEvent(“QBCore:Notify”, src, “You paid parking fee!”, “success”, 5000)

or the this pack:
TriggerClientEvent(“QBCore:Notify”, src, “You paid parking fee!”, “success”, 5000)
Wait(cooldown * 60000)
paid[id] = nil
TriggerClientEvent(“QBCore:Notify”, src, “Parking payment expired!”, “error”, 5000)
TriggerClientEvent(“QBCore:Notify”, src, “You don’t have enough cash!”, “error”, 5000)

but its not working

Hello all.

I just made the adaptation for ESX.


It is subject to validation by a forum moderator. When the topic will be validated, I will share the link here. In the meantime, here is the github link for the script

A small thank you will be perfect.
I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful =)

My tebex : https://gzs-store.tebex.io/