[QBCore/ESX] NoteBook (Saving Data + images)

As a player, you will enjoy a seamless and user-friendly UI, accessible through either a command or an item.

  • All data are saved in the item itself.
  • You can use multiple notebooks.
  • You can add 1 image/page.
  • 16 Pages / notebook.
  • HTML, JS, CSS on build version.


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 10000+
Requirements (QBCore for QB) - (Es_extended and ox_inventory for ESX)
Support Yes

Esx :

Other Scripts : https://zatv.tebex.io/category/qbcore


Hey, we have just bought the script… Code marked as accessible but you only provided build for a web. Can you please update the package with src?

Hello , it is mentionned in the description that the html css and js are in build version . But if you want the open source i can send it to you on discord ! Just create a ticket.

Oh sorry, I missed this :confused: I’d love the have the source tho

Would be cool if the users had the ability to strike out text

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It is ok ! No worries :blush::blush:

What is your discord link?

Hi !
it is in the documentation :grin:

compatibility for qs inventory and I would pick this up! this is great