[QBCore/ESX/CUSTOM] Radar Creator System | SPEEDCAMERA V1.1.1

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The ultimate radar script for FiveM is here! With our advanced radar system, you can now create and delete radars easily and quickly, all directly from the in-game NUI interface. No more hassle with complicated commands or manually modifying configuration files. Everything is handled intuitively and user-friendly.



  1. User-friendly NUI interface: Create and delete radars with just a few clicks using our integrated in-game NUI interface. No need to exit your session or navigate through complicated menus. Everything is done in real-time, at a glance.
  2. Automatic database backup: All the radars you create are automatically saved in the SQL database. You can easily retrieve and manage them at any time, even after leaving the game. No risk of losing your configurations!
  3. Flash effects: In addition to speed detection, our script allows you to flash individuals who exceed the speed limits. Enforce the law in style by activating a powerful flash that will grab the attention of offenders. Plus, accompanied by a flash sound effect, the visual effect becomes even more immersive.
  4. Infraction logging: Each recorded infraction is automatically archived and saved in the SQL database. You can review the complete history of infractions, including offender information and details of each violation. A valuable tool for maintaining order and enforcing rules.

Complete configuration:

Our radar script comes with a comprehensive configuration file that allows you to customize every aspect of the system according to your preferences. You can define radar locations, speed limits, visual and sound effects, and other important settings. There are no limits to your creativity!

Don’t waste any more time with basic and clumsy radar scripts. Get our advanced radar script for FiveM compatible with QB and ESX and custom framework now and enjoy a complete, intuitive, and powerful system to manage and control speeding in your server.

Remember: Road safety is everyone’s responsibility!

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File accessible
.lua QB/ESX/custom
server/framework/.lua QB/ESX/custom

A very large number of events can be modified, mainly for custom frameworks.
you can also add your own custom dispatche

Version 1.1.1

Code is accessible :heavy_equals_sign: (SEMI-ACCESSIBLE)
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) +1500
Support :white_check_mark:

Nice work

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I really appreciate your kind words.
It’s great to see talented creators like you appreciating my work as well. ^^


:rocket: New Update - peace-speedcamera Version 1.1.0 :rocket:

What’s New?

Optimizations and Enhancements:

  - Significant optimizations have been made to improve script performance.
  - Precise adjustments have been implemented to address potential issues and ensure a smoother gaming experience.
  - These changes aim to make the script more responsive, stable, and efficient in various gaming scenarios.

New Features:

  - Added a radar detection addon:
  - Detects radars in a predefined zone specified in the configuration.
  - Activatable/deactivatable with the "use" action in the inventory (notification: "You have activated your Coyote" / "You have deactivated your Coyote").
  - Can only be activated while inside a vehicle (notification: "You must be inside a vehicle to use it").
  - Automatically deactivates after a set time in the config.lua (e.g., 20 minutes, or option to disable in config.lua).
  - When the player is in a vehicle, they can see the blips. If they exit the vehicle and check the map, the blips disappear. However, if they re-enter a vehicle during the activation time (20 minutes), they can see the blips.

:arrow_down: Preview Update: :arrow_down:

:rocket: New Update - peace-speedcamera Version 1.1.1 :rocket:

What’s New?

Optimizations and Enhancements:

- Fixed an issue where distance measurement was inconsistent with displayed distance.

- Corrected an problem with the Flash that was visible from too far away.

- Enhanced performance of the script for detection.

- Added extraZonePrice values of 50 and 80 to config.lua.

- Language is now changeable directly in config.lua.
  - `Config.lang = 'en'`

- German language is now supported.

Important Note:
Don’t forget to check the configuration file to adjust settings according to your preferences ! :tools:

Thank you for continuing to support our script! Happy gaming ! :red_car::dash: