[QBCore & ESX] Crafting & Attachment System

Crafting System | aty ~ ak4y collobration



[+] Craft items based on jobs on grader or unlimited!
[+] Crafting queue system
[+] Coin system, purchase coins from tebex
[+] Purchase a boost with coins to speed up the craft process
[+] Attachment system, put attachments to your weapon.
[+] Level system
[+] Easily configurable

You can buy this script from TEBEX ( ak4y.tebex.io )

My other advanced scripts

Code Accessible There are Escrow and Source Code versions.
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 5000
Requirements Nothing
Support Yes and constant updates

nice sc broo

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Update [05/15/2024]

  • Added locales

Files Change

  • ui files
  • config.lua