[QBCore] Car Rental Zones | No more menus!

OSM | Advanced Car-Rentals
Bored with those old menu based vehicle rental scripts?
Presenting reworks of one of my old scripts - OSM-Carrentals for QBCore


  • Plug and Play
  • Uses QB-Target
  • Car Rent Reduction at Regular Intervals
  • All Car Positions fully configurable.
  • Returning Car in good condition yields bonus.

- No Encryption or Locks
You can edit each and everything available in the script. Nothing is encrypted.

Please watch the script preview for more details.


  • Latest QBCore
  • QB-Target

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Must Watch Preview




Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 700+
Requirements QBCore + QBTarget
Support Yes

Can’t do anything about it, but you can do me a great favor by deleting this message of yours. :smile:

I am pretty sure that there are still plenty of people, who prefer buying paid resources rather than free copies / modifications, because they oblige the support they get on the scripts setup + they like participating in fair trade practices + they value a creators’ time and efforts.


Fair enough. Done.

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That’s very kind of you! :heart:
Thank you!

+rep, very helpful and kind!!