[QBCore] Art Gallery Heist

Preview: Youtube Showcase Video

This scripts allows players to steal the fabergé egg from the Vinewood Art Gallery. This script is made for people who have acquired K4MB1’s Art Gallery MLO (Not included here).

Purchase Here: Tebex: Art Gallery Heist - EUR 24,99 (excl. tax)


  • QB-Target
  • Supports nui_doorlock and qb-doorlock by a config setting
  • Everything is server-synced
  • Low MS
  • Hacks and Minigames
  • Lasers, Nightvision and Power Station
  • Laptop uses
  • Code changes every restart
  • Steal Paintings, Jewels, Fabergé Egg



Great work lion !

do this use escrow ?

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No it is source code. No obfuscation

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01/19 Changelog

  • Now supports nui_doorlock with a simple config setting