QB-Weed - Fresh Install - Seeds Not Being Removed from Inventory

Hello all!

Long time, I’ve been out of the loop for quite a while. I have come back to FiveM and am having a blast configuring and planning my city.

I’m having an issue with the QB-Weed script that comes with a QB-Core fresh install by default. I’ve looked for free alternatives but have not found one yet. I’ve decided to just work with the default QB-Weed. The first issue I’ve found is that seeds are not being removed from player inventory while planting. Any help with this issue would be truly appreciated.

Are there any errors?

Are you using new files for both qb-weed and qb-inventory?

I’ll roll back a hot fix and check back. but everything should be the latest as the install is fresh.

Edit: this is the error.

It seems that an item it’s trying to remove doesn’t exist in your qb-core/shared/items.lua file

it’s trying to remove the seed but all items are added to items.lua. I think the code needs updated. I’ve looked through the script and it seems like the error is here:

    local src = source
    local Player = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayer(src)
    exports['qb-inventory']:RemoveItem(src, seed, 1, itemslot, 'qb-weed:server:removeSeed')