[QB] Virus / Illness

This script introduces a realistic virus / illness mechanic that can make players sick. Upon getting sick, players experience symptoms like fatigue, coughing, and reduced abilities depending on the configured virus / illness. An virus / illness can be cured by using the correct medicine.



  • Well optimized (0.00ms when idle and active)
  • Ability to add new viruses / illnesses
  • Supports animations & screen effects
  • Well documented config


Be aware of the previews are for the default configured viruses / illnesses. You can configure what the player should do when they get an illness or virus.

Price: 10$ 7$
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Other Resources:

Code is accessible Only the config is accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 212
Requirements qb-core
Support Yes
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Hi @thenimrod,

The post has been updated with previews. :slight_smile: