[QB] Vehicle Locksystem


- ox_inventory
- ox_lib
- ox_target
- QBCore


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Owned vehicles:

  • You can start vehicles by clicking the start engine button (can be changed from config file). It will start the engine and will remove the key from your inventory and will insert the value to the owned_vehicle database β€œ1” - Key is in the ignition or if you turn off your engine will change the value to the β€œ0” and will return you the key.

  • So whatever happens to you, disconnected or car despawns, etc your vehicle with key inside the ignition, you can start it again as soon as you enter it (get it back from the impound) simply click start engine button, it will search from the database to see if the key is in the ignition and if its in there will start the engine.

  • You can also start owned vehicle engine by using key from your inventory

  • Using key outside the vehicle locks and unlocks the vehicle.

  • When you exit the vehicle while engine is running it keeps it running.

  • When someone enters to your vehicle while its running it does shut down but he can turn the engine on by turning key in the ignition with start engine button.

  • You can share vehicle keys to your friends and they can use your car.

  • Vehicle keys have metadata.

Vehicle key reordering:

  • You can reorder or copy your vehicle keys in marked location.
  • Ped can be changed.
  • Blip information and ID can be changed.

Local vehicles (Not owned):

  • If you are not near to any vehicles and you use the lockpick, it says no vehicles are nearby.
  • If you use lockpick near any vehicles, it triggers the minigame, after successful minigame, comes animated progressbar, and then vehicle doors will be lockpicked.
  • As soon you enter the vehicle and you try to start the vehicle with the start engine button it will search the key, since its local vehicle it says there arent any keys left to the ignition and you have to hotwire it by using the lockpick again.
  • After successful hotwireing minigame the car starts and you can drive it. But after you shut down its engine you have to re-hotwire it to start again.
  • When you exit the vehicle while engine is running it keeps it running.

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Code is accessible No /partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) over 2000
Requirements QB/OX
Support Yes
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