[QB/STANDALONE] Burnerphones

Available on Tebex : https://constant-development.tebex.io/package/5061508


  • Order Random/Illegal Items through burnerphones.
  • Multiple Phones can be configured, each with their own settings :
    • Cooldown Type & Time
    • Police Calls & Requirement
    • Battery and number of uses
    • Rewards
  • Phone breaks at random or after a configured used amount
  • Random Item Received chosen through a configured list, with item probability
  • Configurable prop + animation for each configured item
  • VPN item to suppress police calls
  • Modular, can have an infinite amount of different phones
  • Everything is synced, other players / police can find someone’s drop off
  • No Duplicate Drop-offs, someone else will not get the same drop off point if one is currently “busy”
  • Multiple Cooldown Options (Global, Personal, Per Player, Per Phone Type, Server Start Cooldown)

Showcase & Config

Showcase Video



General Config

Per Phone Config

Framework Support

  • Every Framework / Script Dependent code is open & free to edit
  • Multiple popular utility scripts natively supported (Notifications, Text-UI, Targets, Dispatch etc.)
  • OX Supported
Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1000
Requirements None
Support Yes

Tebex link is missing

Fixed, thank you <3

It doesn’t use any phone system (qb-phone, qs-phone, lb-phone, etc.). It comes with 1 phone item, and you can add as many as you want. Each phone is its own item that you use to order.