Qb-policejob not working / registering

I have the basic template installed from txadmin for the Qbcore framework. Everything seems to work fine except the police job. When you give yourself the job generally the on/off duty button does not appear where it is set. Everyone so often the resource will work but for the most part it does not. I need help figuring out how to get it to appear and stay on I also noticed that it would show for someone else but not for me or vice versa. Any help? Suggestion?

If this is the wrong category let me know thanks!

How did you give yourself the job? Via the DB?

I’m so new to this too, just wanted one to play with my sons on and they wanna be cops >.<

You have to use command /setjob [PlayerID] [Job] [Grade]

Should work unless you aren’t the admin on the server.