[QB-PAID] Chopshop Script

The Chopshop system is a small illegal script for collecting materials and making money by smashing vehicles.

While the vehicle is being dismantled, the police are notified from dispatch. You can make all settings (including writings) via config.

This script continues to be developed and you can send us your suggestions.

Price: 5€ + VAT
Tebex: Tebex.io
Preview: [Click here to watch]

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements QBCore / QBMenu
Support Yes

[x99-chopshop] 3 new commit
• Fixed issue not working without restarting
• Config settings are changed
• Added a warning that you can now switch on and off if there is no police

[x99-chopshop] 1 new commit

• Now you can change your smallprefixEvent on config

Now you can buy it as open source!


[x99-chopshop] 1 new commit
• Some bug fixed
• Multiple chopshop location now support

[x99-chopshop] 1 new commit
• New QBCore update