Qb-garages doesn't show any police job vehicles

When i look into police garage to take out a vehicle, no cars show up except cars that i stored there

There’s two garages, the police garage is just a garage you can store normal vehicles in, there’s a vehicle spawner next to it

If you go into qb-policejob > config.lua, you can see this line, which tells you the coords of all the vehicle spawners for the cop cars:

 ["vehicle"] = {
       [1] = vector4(448.159, -1017.41, 28.562, 90.654),
       [2] = vector4(471.13, -1024.05, 28.17, 274.5),
       [3] = vector4(-455.39, 6002.02, 31.34, 87.93),
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