[QB] [FREE] Solstice qb-weathersync edit

Welcome to my version of qb-weathersync

Featuring full real weather and time by using 2 different api to pull weather and timezone information from the real world and implement this into your server, also sends a notification every 5mins (can be changed) that will display the current time and current weather forecast

Almost Fully rewritten serverside code of qb-weathersync to accomplish this while keeping all exports of the original intact so this will drag and drop into any qbcore server after setting api keys

Both api keys will be required for this script to work

0.03 ms idle (mainly for the api http requests)

This is my first time ive worked with api and weather events so please be kind :grin:

I know its not perfect and i will be updating it overtime if you would like to merge on github feel free



Your GitHub link doesn’t work



any chance you might add definable weather zones? for instance its xmas on top of mt chiliad while clear in sandy shores etc. that would be awesome. i know there are weather scripts out there that do that already but those dont work with weathersync at all

i can try id be happy to try and make it happen ill have to find the right natives etc…

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