[QB/ESX/vRP] Tesla Autonomous (Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Auto Park, Crash Avoidance, Reverse Camera, Adaptive Lighting, Smart Summon, Dance)

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Hi kk

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.8


  • Added Reverse Camera BETA function


  • Ensure compatibility for upcoming Core updates

Vehicles that were included in the script and PURCHASED by keymaster holders were then removed in an “update”. Vehicles were then re-posted on the tebex for $100 to purchase the vehicles. Great job guys! Extremely shady developer with shady business tactics. Low quality scripts. Would not advise purchasing from this “developer”.

Also note the above patch notes do not indicate a removal of the vehicles. Odd.

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In version 1.0.8 the vehicles are no longer downloaded automatically but can now be downloaded manually from Keymaster for free. (If not visible on Keymaster as mentioned in the announcement channel please create a ticket with Tebex ID). Because certain customers want to buy only the core without vehicles and they otherwise have to pay for something they do not want. The change affects the Playlolly Tesla Core Resource in whose changelog this is mentioned (Changelog - Tesla Core | Playlolly) and not the Playlolly Tesla Autonomous Resource under which you commented. What exactly is not good quality about our scripts. We offer a test server on which everyone can test the resources before buying and all vehicles resources are provided in best possible performance and quality. If there are any problems you can always contact our support team.

Release 1.0.9

Full Changelog: Changelog - Tesla Autonomous | Playlolly

Release 1.0.10

Full Changelog: Changelog - Tesla Autonomous | Playlolly

Release 1.0.11

Full Changelog: Changelog - Tesla Autonomous | Playlolly