[QB/ESX/vRP] Tesla Autonomous (Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Auto Park, Crash Avoidance, Reverse Camera, Adaptive Lighting, Smart Summon, Dance)

Full potential for autonomous driving.

Tesla Autonomous Add-On introduces and enhances additional features to make Tesla vehicles even more powerful. All functionalities complement the existing resources and are signaled by sounds and HUD integration. In the future, the functions for automatic parking and automatic line change will be rolled out through a free update.

For more information, in-game images and videos visit our website https://playlolly.vercel.app where you can also buy the resource via Tebex.


Mark a location on the map and your Tesla vehicle can drive to the location completely autonomously without any accidents. Autopilot takes into account other vehicles, traffic lights, speed limits and automatically sets turn signals.
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Auto Lane Change

On the highway, Tesla vehicles can automatically change lanes, taking oncoming vehicles into account and announcing a line change by blinking. Furthermore, vehicles can also be cut off when overtaking by activating the “Reckless” mode.
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Auto Park

When a Tesla vehicle is near a parking lot, it will automatically be detected and the vehicle can be parked fully automated in the desired direction (forward or backward), ensuring that the vehicle is always perfectly parked.
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Crash Avoidance

Crash Avoidance can be activated while driving. The Tesla detects any hazards and tries to avoid them accordingly. Furthermore, a possible danger is signaled with a sound and visually in the HUD.
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As a small Easter Egg, the Dance Mode can be activated in the Tesla. Accordingly, all doors move and lights flash with matching music. Players in the vicinity can listen to the sound and the dance as well.
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Smart Summon

With Smart Summon, your Tesla can automatically drive to you from anywhere and pick you up. For example, you can park the vehicle and let it drive to you autonomously after shopping.
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Flawless integration with existing FiveM resources.

  • QB-Core
  • ESX
  • vRP

More Tesla resources


Code accessible No
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 5’000
Requirements Playlolly Tesla Core
Support Yes
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This is amazing, Great job! Keep the great work!

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you just completly stole a free ressource added a nui and sell it on tebex. what the fuck?

No this resource has been programmed from scratch by the Playlolly team (2 developers). What makes you think that the resource is stolen? Can you please explain that in more detail? I’d be happy to look at it with you.

i mean its just some raycasts to detect vehicles anyone with a brain should be able to make something like this lol

He means this I guess.

Which I quite agree, nothing new is added but the NUI.

If you would take a look at the post you will see that there are different commands to which you send. I can confirm that the scripts where build from ground up new!

Yeah sadly no and its basically stealing

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if @Quetschlex wants to flag this he can its upto him :stuck_out_tongue:

Actualy we just recognized that the script you sent was stolen from our free resource which was out before we have our github history which can prove everything so feel free to report it.

This script is in no way the same as ours I have compared it in the meantime with ours these are the advantages of our script:

  1. speed in the autopilot can be adjusted
  2. driving style of the autopilot can be adjusted.
  3. much more accurate and realistic driving style
  4. corresponding sounds for all possible functions crash avoidance, autopilot, dance etc.
  5. crash avoidance detects not only other vehicles but also any objects that appear and avoids them accordingly.
  6. the dance supports different modes based on the Tesla software version and the lights also adjust accordingly.
  7. the dance coriography is like in real life
  8. auto lane change function on the highway
  9. automatic marking of the Tesla when entering.
  10. integration with HUD
  11. When the battery level is low, automatic notification to drive autonomously to the nearest Supercharger to park and charge the Tesla accordingly
  12. etc.

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.1


  • Configuration option to enable / disable individual commands

like wish they had all city

What do you mean exactly? If you want a specific feature you can tell us and we will add it as soon as possible.

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.2


  • Configuration option to hide the Tesla Blip on the map
  • Configuration option to customize the chat trigger command /tesla
  • Configuration option to translate or customize all available texts


  • Various optimizations to ensure a lower ms rate

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.3


  • Configuration option to set the default autopilot speed
  • Possibility to adjust autopilot maximum speed while driving using W and S
  • Possibility to perform an autopilot emergency stop when the space bar is pressed
  • Autopilot now takes traffic lights and stop signs into account
  • Native FiveM keybindings for all Tesla Autonomous commands which can be configured in the FiveM settings


  • General rework of the autopilot algorithm resulting in a more realistic driving style


  • Tesla now no longer leaves the road for autopilot destinations outside of vehicle-accessible locations and stops at the nearest possible road access point

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.4


  • Auto Lane Change BETA function added which can autonomously overtake other vehicles on the highway
  • When honking at a red traffic light with E, the traffic light is ignored and the vehicle continues to drive
  • Smart Summon now uses local pathing to drive flawlessly to the vehicle owner


  • Autopilot now automatically avoids parked or empty cars
  • General rework of the smart summon algorithm resulting in a more realistic driving style


  • Autopilot now considers all roads (not only main roads) when determining the next possible vehicle-accessible destination point
  • When deactivating the autopilot, control can now be taken over directly without waiting for the car to brake

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.5


  • During the Tesla Dance, vehicle lights, turn signals and brake lights adjust accordingly


  • General revision of the auto lane change algorithm resulting in fewer accidents (auto lane change is no longer a BETA function)


  • Autopilot no longer accidentally shifts into the wrong driving lane
  • Auto lane change takes approaching vehicles into account and thus avoids possible collisions
  • Upon termination of the Tesla dance, all doors will close properly

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.6


  • Added Auto Park BETA function which can automatically park at Supercharger parking lots


  • Crash Avoidance can now be activated in all scenarios and no longer automatically turns off after a collision

:arrows_counterclockwise: New Release 1.0.7


  • Added support for custom notification systems
  • A maximum distance between the player and the car can be set for Smart Summon


  • Configuration and translation are now available centralized in the playlolly_tesla_core resource


  • The custom autopilot speed can no longer be set into the minus range