💰 [QB/ESX] Child Support System (Put People on Child Support)

Browns Child Support System

Key Features:

  • Clean UI System For Judges and Caseworkers (Similar to a MDT but for Child Support Cases)
  • Comes with a Built in “Child Support” Job
  • Comes with a Fully Setup Built In Job Location that uses a GTA5 Office Shell Location (No YMAP/MLO Needed)
  • Super Realistic & Great for Roleplay and Roleplay Scenes

How Does It Work?:

  1. Players can go to the Child Support Office Location to sign up for Child Support, They will have to include their information as well as little information about the other parent whom they want to put on child support, they can even attach a photo of them!

  2. A player who has the Child Support Job can then login to any 3 of the computers at the job location to see a list of all Cases/Applications that were filed before reviewing the case or contacting the person who filed for additional information, etc.

  3. The player who has the Child Support Job can then write a report on the pending case/application and submit it to the judge for final review or a court date.

  4. The Judge can then decide if the other parent should pay child support and if so then they can sign a Child Support Court Order which will require the parent who is put on Child Support to pay money (whichever amount of money that is put before signing the order) to the initial person who filed every day and throughout the day until the required payment is paid off in full.

  5. Players who put someone on child support and won the case by the Judge approving and Signing the Child Support Order can visit the Child Support Office to Check their Child Support Balance and Withdraw the Money to their bank whenever.

Preview Video: YouTube
Purchase: Tebex

Framework Compatibility:
QB-Core & ESX

Targeting System Compatibility:


Screenshots of Configurable Parts of Script:

Code is accessible No (except for config/notify.lua)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3319
Requirements qb-core or esx, oxmysql, & ox_lib
Support Yes
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whats the resmon ?

Does this work with ap-court??

this look fire