send me your code in pm

client side is normal nothing edited just the code what you sayed but im on 1.2 esx

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there isn’t any change

same on qb. when you load into server it shows the AI progress bar revive before you even select a character .

hello, there is an error or bug. at least in esxi I tried it and when you die inside the car the ped does not take you out or revive you

Is it possible to delete the current ambulance and start a new one if the player uses the /help command again? Sometimes the ambulance is stuck and/or spawns in an awkward spot. Maybe the second time it will decrease the available spawn distance or something. Just thinking. Great script though!

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Like the AI Mechanic does?

hello… how to make ai medic just spawn immediately without ambulance vehicle? it because when player die at place far from road or place hard they can reach, for example at the roof, so Ai medic cannot revive player. Hope can do like i said