[QB/ESX] Advanced Giveaway Script

Advanced Giveaway Script | | | Aty - ak4y collaboration

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[+] Create giveaways in-game!
[+] Players that joins after the giveaway starts will see the on going gveaway!
[+] Create a giveaway with rewards that, money, item or vehicle!
[+] Easily configurable!

You can buy this script from TEBEX ( ak4y.tebex.io )

  • Open Source: 20 EUR
  • Escrowed: 10 EUR

[QB] Open Source: https://ak4y.tebex.io/package/6201214
[QB] Escrowed: https://ak4y.tebex.io/package/6201217
[ESX] Open Source: https://ak4y.tebex.io/package/6201215
[ESX] Escrowed: https://ak4y.tebex.io/package/6201218

My other advanced scripts

Code Accessible There are Escrow and Source Code versions.
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 500
Requirements Nothing
Support Yes and constant updates